Saturday, January 19 – Monday, January 21, 2013

First Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Taurus

Ruling Mahavidya: Matangi

oracleThe Sun has moved out of Capricorn and into Aquarius, without the raging sunspot delivering a solar flare.  All of the energy was contained by the Sun.  It’s rare for that level of energy not to be dispersed.  But Matangi is very, very good at calming volatile situations.  She cleans things up and to do that, new chaos cannot enter.  She draws the line.  This solar energy wasn’t released in a massive ejection, but the electro-magnetic fields do affect us to some degree because the Sun sustains our lives.  Internal activity on the Sun means internal activity for us.  Matangi is much more “at home” when the Sun moves into Aquarius.  Like Aquarius, Matangi lets her freak-flag fly.  She is a protector of those of the margins of society.  She takes great pleasure in expressions that are out of the ordinary.  All of the Mahavidyas rail against controls, but Matangi will take the fight to the end.  She does not give up.  There is strong energy in place on Saturday that prompts an “I told you so” attitude and the need to be right or convert someone to certain beliefs.  This doesn’t help anything.  Matangi allows for equality and inclusion of all.  She is exceptionally non-judgmental.  So, situations where there is an imbalance of power will not work out well right now, especially on Saturday.

Sunday’s energy carries an undertone of disappointment, failure, or hopelessness.  This may take us by surprise.  But we must break through these illusions.  Matangi is about breaking points.  She says enough when things have gone far enough.  We want to look at situations and see what possibilities remain.  What can we work with?  What can come from this?  What can be cleared away?  What can be fixed?

Monday is power-packed.  Mars will square Eris, bringing heightened potential for aggression.  The issues of freedom and rebellion are at the forefront.  We will want to rebel against anything that compromises our freedom or makes us feel trapped or boxed in.  In the mythology of Eris, she throws the “Apple of Discord” at anything that is superficial, false, tyrannical, or unjust.  She upsets things.  The forceful unpredictability of the Eris energy is an aspect that is used by Archontic forces to shape reality.  But we must be wise and see through any attempts to mold the collective consciousness toward fear and chaos.  Stay closely connected with the Earth on Monday.  Pay attention to her animals and trees and the strength of her emotions through the weather.  She is always closeby, but we can bring her closer.

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