Monday, February 11, 2013


New Moon Phase – Moon in Pisces

oracleInternet problems and various other annoying issues had me offline for a couple of days so I will summarize what’s going on:

The New Moon energy had conjunctions of Neptune, Mars, Chiron, Mercury, and the Moon – all in Pisces (water) – and squaring Jupiter (which expands everything to the greatest possible degree.  It’s a deluge of emotions (water).  It brings an insanity of wreckless abandonment, bursts of simmering rage, instinctual impulses to escape and escape fast, pain, and something akin to the Furies.  This would have been the warning about the New Moon energy that fell in line Saturday and Sunday.

We are still under these effects and we need to slow things down.  There is a tendency to drive very fast and not even know it.  But the main thing is dealing with our emotions, not denying or escaping them.  Even the most even-keeled, emotionally grounded individuals might be challenged by the intensity of emotions.  Wrtiing can help things flow much better.  Any type of creative art that is employed to channel emotions will have “magical” properties (power).  With all of this you have to think like a Pisces.  If you are finding this not much fun, you understand what it is like to be a Pisces.  It’s complicated.  But the power to express/create beauty – in all its forms – and attune to Spirit is unrivalled.  Pisces energy is handled best when it is spiritually connected but also creating something from it (even a thought).

Note: Discussion of the Mahavidyas will flip over to the Mahavidya Project website at where I will post material over the next few days.