Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Aries

oracleToday works best if we take things simply and lightly.  The gentle violets in this picture remind us of this.  Mars has moved off of Chiron, settling the impulsivity and tendency toward self-sabotage that was prevalent.  The Moon has moved into Aries, slowly restoring our energy.  We need to go slowly also.  Issues involving the level of commitment are center stage.  On the eve of Valentine’s Day, this puts more pressure on relationships.  We are coming off of a deeply emotional New Moon phase and need to take care with our words, expectations, and plans.  Get down to what is really important – what you really value – and forget about the fluff.  The degree of Venus makes today more like Valentine’s Day than tomorrow.  There’s a lot more love in the air today.  Ironically, the love we need to express the most right now is to ourselves.  If we can connect with that, we can then radiate it outward.  I always caution about the potential to become narcissitic when we follow the energy so closely like we do here.  Today it is necessary to some degree because something about ourselves has to be taken care of before we can focus on anyone else.

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