Thursday, February 21, 2013

First Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Cancer

oracleToday is the day of the “giveaway.”  We want to give away some of our time, energy, resources, or attention for the benefit of another or others.  Anything that is undertaken through collaboration with others will yield much better results today.

Mutations or imbalances tend to show up under this energy also.  We see what areas of our lives are out of balance in proportion to other areas.  When this happens, distortions arise.  Use the energy of the giveaway to remove any distortion that has manifested in your life (and in your body).  The Sun has developed magnetic fields that harbor potential for M and X class flares.  This will make mutations or distortions more evident or visible.  It shows up most readily with the physical body, but mental and emotional mutations/distortions are noticeable also.

The Sun and Neptune remain in close conjunction, helping us to see things more clearly.  It takes a brave heart to look sometimes, but it is worth it.  Have a wonderful day, everyone.  Let’s give away the love.

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