Monday, December 10, 2012


Balsamic Moon Phase – Moon in Scorpio

Today’s energy is about overcoming.  Planning is the key to overcoming whatever gives us difficulty today.  Figure out how you can plan around or plan ahead for things.  We may feel like barriers are some way in place (particularly emotional barriers, but also financial barriers and physical barriers) or that we are disempowered, ineffective or neutralized.  Responsibilities are weighing heavily on us and the stress that is imposed based on expectations for the holidays can be a burden.  Again, action and planning are the keys to ovecoming this.  And so is a re-evaluation of what is truly of value.  The Archons are ultimately responsible for inserting the fake, materialistic aspect into Christmas.  They bring the opposite to whatever is sane.  In the natural world, this time of year is for going inside (oneself and one’s sense of home – spiritual and physical) to nestle in and merge with creative power.  It’s about “powering down” with the Earth in quiet celebration of all that is beautiful; not “powering up” to complete a laundry list of responsibilities.  This is hard to do in the modern world.  But if we hold to the idea of nestling in as much as possible, it will help with feeling overwhelmed.  “Get present” when you are out getting presents and “check out” when you are checking out.  In other words, focus on the joy of expressing love through giving.  Disregard and disable the irritation that comes along with it (like traffic and long lines).  Use the time that you are waiting as a little gift of time to transform and go into your inner tree.  Reframe the waiting as time for a break.  As wise owls, we can outsmart the matrix and the way it is dragging us, staying true to what is really important.

Also, it’s really important that we are clearing our minds of weeds and dead roots in preparation for the next New Moon.  Balsamic phase is the time when the veil between the worlds is thinnest and when we are at our most intuitive and creative.  It’s a wasted opportunity to focus on getting as much done as possible because it’s naturally a time to go with the flow.  We just completed a month-long vision quest and this phase should be about resting.  Let’s go contrary to the mayhem.  Let’s power down and get some rest!  A New Moon is on it’s way soon enough.

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