Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Moon Phase – Moon in Aries

oracleToday we continue this month’s theme of cleansing and purging what no longer serves us.  Events may cause us to examine peoples’ motives and intentions.  We look at our personal resources and how things are feeding or drawing on those resources in order to make adjustments.  This energy may be difficult because people are trying to energetically come together, meet up, or come into resonance from different places or levels, which may initially cause friction or cause issues to surface.  This will show up primarily in communications (miscommunications) so be sure that you understand what others mean before reacting to it.  Remember that we are clearing ground this month and are supported by the strongest powers of release.

Tomorrow at 7 pm EDT/ 4 pm PDT/ 11 pm UTC I will be on “Living Astrology with Janet Hickox” on blogtalkradio.  Click here for more info.  Hope you can join us as we talk about the Black Moon.

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