Thursday, March 14, 2013


New Moon Phase – Moon in Aries/Taurus

oracleThe keyword for today is diversify.  This is in response to the dominant energy that is adjusting or shifting circumstances and relationships (see yesterday’s report).  There’s a “newness” to this energy that wants us to embrace possibilities we haven’t considered or haven’t given enough creedance.  Undeveloped or forgotten interests and talents are trying to come into awareness to be reborn in out lives.  We are still in the energy of the New Moon and the combination of astrological aspects today fosters strong development any intention that is made.

The energy is bringing like toward like and pulling unalike and unalike farther apart.  If a situation or relationship is producing a loss for you, is this something you’ve known was not in your highest and best interests.?  Holes that are left will be transformed into something else – the energy guarantees this.  Release any pain to the planet and ask that it be transformed.

Just a reminder about tonight’s interview on “Living Astrology.”  Hope you can join us.

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