Friday, March 15, 2013



Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Taurus

You could say that today’s energy brings what is ripe to fruition.  Earlier this week we discussed how this month was going to bring greater clarity and insight into our lives or enable us to see how to integrate something.  We’re fitting the pieces of a bigger picture together and seeing how we fit in to a bigger picture.  Of course, if you have been following this site for a while, you know that the bigger picture is the story of the goddess embodied as the planet and her creative vision-experiment of humanity.  We are on the metaphorical playground with her, joining in what she wants to play and her joining with what each of us wants to play.  Elements of who we truly are coming to the forefront for developement.  This includes aspects of our destiny, latent talents, hidden desires, and urges to pursue.  The inner voice is clear and strong under this energy.  What type of imprint do you want to make on the human collective?  We are doing it whether we know it or not, so why not consciously choose the way we want our personal energy and resources to affect the field? 

This lunar month is ruled by the dakini Nairatmya.  It is her second month to rule.  This gives us another opportunity to understand her teachings and the way she delivers her teachings.  How is she speaking to you?

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