Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Third Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Capricorn

oracleGreetings from inside “Winter Storm Saturn.”  If you think this report is going to be US- or Northern Hemisphere-focused, bear with me.  It will tie together.

Did you know that the reason winter storms are now given names (like hurricanes) is to enable insurance companies to extract higher deductibles?  Deductibles are higher during these “extreme” events.  The thing is some of the named storms are extreme and some aren’t.

But the Illuminati are never ones to let a good astrological aspect paired with a good name go to waste.  As Saturn (which is retrograde or appearing to move backwards through the sky and manifesting energetically to allow all sorts of things in life go out of bounds) makes a precise sextile to Pluto with the Moon transiting Pluto, lo and behold: Winter Storm Saturn.

Most readers here are familiar with the Illuminati’s use of hyper-dimensional geometry to steer weather systems.  They use math but the math also has energetic effects on life –  and they know this.  It looks like occult magic and in many respects it is, but it is actually an amalgm of math and the laws of spiritual science.  It’s gives the power to destroy through the use of weather.

Saturn and Pluto come now from the land of ice and snow from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow.  They are overlords who rule by power and control and also by the destruction of power and control in order to transform it into something else – something desired.  Their alliance is a powerful spell because it specifically captures the archetypal energies of both destruction and transformation.  Order out of chaos.

I say it a lot lately, but the transparency of these so-called Illuminati’s actions and intentions is boring.  They are annoying gnats.  From their recent track record we can even predict (although predict is sorely inaccurate because it’s just a repeating pattern and requires no powers of prediction) that whatever major motion picture release is being hyped in the media/advertising/news conglomerate will also have these motifs encoded in it (The Great and Powerful Oz translate The Great and Power Saturn translate the Great and Power Illuminati translate the Great and Powerful Supreme Archon).  Boring.  And it is something of a distraction to even discuss it.

There’s a counter to all of this and her name is The Great and Powerful Kali.  She is aware and engaged, let me assure you.  She may even have hijacked the Illuminati’s plan for Winter Storm Saturn et al and infusing some magic of her own in it.  Perhaps she is sending a message about her own targets.  She is the Mistress of Magic after all.  They don’t stand a chance.

Here is what all of this filters down to for us:  The energy is already heavy from the astrological effects of Chiron (discussed yesterday) and the alliance of Saturn and Pluto adds considerable weight.  You may feel like you are battling something.  This is where what we also discussed yesterday – butterfly medicine – comes into play.  The energy of Saturn and Pluto is about the breakdown and transformation of structures. But any ideas about what needs to be broken down and transformed can be inserted into the energy to produce it.

We must state what we want to be broken down and what we want that broken down energy to be transformed into.

You can take this as far as you like but we are conscious co-creators now, communicating directly with the goddess Sophia who is embodied as the Earth.  One of her personas, Kali (who in turn has many personas of her own – the Mahavidyas) is working directly to shape things according to our communication.  We are on the playground with a Divine Being who is asking us what we want to play (see reports in Archives just before and after December 21, 2012 for more information about being on the playground).

Thoughts are powerful right now.  Mind where they take you.  And if you do see the Oz movie this weekend, view it with amazement about the power of humanity to create such beautiful works of art.  Put up a mental shield and recognize that it is a spell being played out at higher levels of normal awareness and this will suspend your participation in the spell.  It can be just a beautiful work of art.

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