Thursday, April 11, 2013


New Moon Phase – Moon in Taurus

oraclecle Report 4.11.13The Sun boosted the already-powerful energy of the New Moon by releasing an M-6 class solar flare overnight.  M-6 is a very strong flare.  I was hoping we would have fireworks on the Sun!  I say this because the energy we are under is cause for celebration.  The energetic upgrade from this New Moon is returing us to returning us to wholeness, to ourselves  – returning us to who we really are.  The Mahavidya Chinnamasta (who is real) and the Eris energy (which is archetypal) are blowing like wind.  The Sun joined in.

We know that there are always two sides to anything involving Eris, so it is also implied that nefarious activities are proliferating, while the wonderful upgrade is happening.  Make no mistake about it.  Nefarious activities are happening.  But, at this point, we only need to be aware that they are happening.  In this way, we are not tricked or bound to any deeds, spells, curses, rituals (whatever you want to call it – I call it Archontic trickery) that are being perpetrated upon the collective of humanity.  Enough said.

A tremendous amount of information is being ignited within the radiant codes of our bodies.  Brilliant flashes of insight occur and simple truths are revealed to us.  We make connections.  But it is a lot of information and it is coming fast so just take things at your own pace.  The information that is being disseminated via light is accessible at any time in the future.  Don’t go too fast today (driving or anything).  Remember also that our bodies are responding to this upgrade; they are trying to get lighter as well.

Eris energy stirs the souls of writers and musicians.  If you’ve been thinking of writing something (and this means anything – a letter, a book, a song, a riff), you are experiencing the call of the goddess.



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