Friday, April 12, 2013


New Moon Phase – Moon in Taurus

oracleAs if the New Moon phase wasn’t intense enough, today Pluto stations retrograde.  Longtime readers of this site know that things get a little wonky on days a planet stations retrograde or direct.  Things tend to go against the plan, we are accident prone (especially since Pluto and Uranus remain in square), heavy emotions surface, and rivalries flare.

Mythologically, Pluto is Eris’ husband, so we see male energy rising today amidst the dominant feminine energy.  This will certainly be reflected in relationships, particularly in marriages or in former marriages.

The tendency today is to react from the need for attention.  If issues arise, it is probably due to someone feeling overlooked.  Be aware also that there is strong potential for double-sidedness, double-crossing, and two-faced behavior.  The Eris element of two sides is strongly at play.

The theme of “two’s” continues also with seconds in the form of second chances.  Something may come back around to be taken up once more (a relationship, a project, an idea, etc.).  Take a second look at it.

I have discussed the Eris influence during this Moon phase, but I have not mentioned the Black Moon influence very much.  The transit of the Black Moon in opposition to the Galactic Center is a major event, but I wanted to separate the influences out a bit so that we could “catch” the feel of Chinnamasta and Eris before we really started feeling the Black Moon transit.  Today is the last day we are afforded that luxury because the Moon will enter Gemini Saturday morning and will move to exactly oppose the Galactic Center Sunday night.  Check back tomorrow for the weekend report about this.

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