Monday, April 15, 2013



Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Gemini/Cancer

oracleFrom, this photo was taken by P. Johansson of the auroras and Milky Way over Sweden.  This stunning picture could be equated to the stun that accompanies Chinnamasta blowing our minds and Eris delivering her own type of blow to shock us into waking up to the truth of something. 

What form is this taking for you?  Is someone acting in a way you never thought you’d see?  Do you feel like you have disappointed someone or maybe disappointed yourself?  If so, perhaps a clear stream of communication with Chinnamasta is needed.  Go outside, tell her what the issue is, and see what happens the rest of the month.  Point it out (mark it or strike it) and she will go to work on it.  This goddess delivers blessings in abundance.

We should be using protective techniques (beam of light surrounding you or another visualization) all the time, but make sure you are doing this right now.  Archontic intrustion is very high.  Counter this with re-connection with nature and observance of the sheer beauty that is all around us.

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