Friday, April 5, 2013


Third Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Aquarius

oracleThe keyword for today is transcend.  If you have any worries or are facing difficulties, the way to handle it is to take your understanding to a higher level – into the mystic.  See it from an elevated point of view.  This is particularly true of relationships – personal and professional.  If a relationship ends today, rest assured that this is for the best.  Try to transcend painful feelings through the knowledge that something more appropriate to who you are will replace what is ending.

Today is the last day of the astological year. “New year’s eve” is traditionally a day for celebration.  But unlike “December 31st New Year’s Eve,” the natural new year is not a raucous party.  It’s a time of spiritual rebirth and reverance for the cycles of life.

Transcend anything that reinforces a feeling of deficit or inadequacy.  Leave it behind you as you sail high above and away from it.  Turn it over to a higher power and trust that it will be transformed.

The Balsamic Moon phase starts tomorrow and will bridge us into the new year that begins on April 10th.  There will be a fantastic amount of power in this Balsamic Moon phase.  As you make plans for the weekend, be good to yourself.  What do you need the most right now?

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