Friday, May 17, 2013

Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Leo

Ruling Mahavidya – Tara


oracleToday’s photograph would not fit properly in the picture box above, so take a look at thewhole photo sent to me by many wise owls.  Owls are everywhere!  And they are well-ensconced in the fabric of the planet.

Today’s energy brings a reawakening of something, something brought back to life, second chances. 

That is all we really need to know today.  If you are interested in a more complex understanding, read on.  But if it begins to frustrate you, leave it be.  Return to it later if you want. 

The consciousness of the Sun is collaborating with the consciousness of the Earth to evoke certain responses within the consciousness of humanity.  Sunspot AR1748 continues complex activity, though when the spot turned directly toward Earth, it ceased flares.   Relatively speaking, the earlier flares this week were pretty rapid in succession – power punches.  Instead of being bombarded with the energy for change, we are being guided through changes with tenderness.  Such is Gaia-Sophia’s love for humanity.  Did you know you were that loved?

If this sunspot does send a flare, the intent will be different from the intent of the flares sent earlier this week.  Remember that we are dealing with the properties of light (which is information that ultimately leads to some sort of action, change, or alchemy).   

All flares affect the electric Universe.  When flares are directed at a planet with life forms, the life forms of that planet feel it the strongest because it was intended that way.  Flares are coded with specific information.  They are signals.  Very loosely speaking, astrology is a method for explaining the spiritual-scientific processes involved in the evolution of life and it can tell us the specific information of the flare, and therefore what it is designed to do.  We look at what degree the Sun is located at (from our perspective on Earth) to determine this. 

The degree of the Sun today involves a reawakening of something.  It brings something back to life.  It brings second chances.  If a flare is released today, these themes will be empowered.  I, for one, am making a wish upon our Star for this to happen because it is game/experiment/life-changing.