Friday, May 3, 2013

Third Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Aquarius/Pisces

Ruling Mahavidya – Chinnamasta 


oracleA standing ovation is in order as Chinnamasta begins to take a bow for her performance.   And what a performance it was!  We were blown away!  Awakening is rippling through the collective in a massive wave, thanks to her.  Let’s shower her in bouquets of flowers (say thanks or, if you are really working with the energy of the Mahavidyas, do something with flowers – give them or take them somewhere or put them out in her honor).

Tara is the Mahavidya waiting patiently behind the curtain to begin her performance.

We’re bringing about conclusion as we close out this lunar month (the first month of the new year, astrologically-speaking) and approach the end of the transit of the Black Moon to the Galactic Center.  This month we were energetically upgraded and given raw power to transform our own experience and also the experience of the human collective. 

Recall that at the Pisces New Moon (beginning of March), Pallas Athena and Eris sliced open our energetic cocoon (personal energetic state at the time), freeing us to grow.  This past month (since the beginning of April) we’ve been wrestling our way out of that cocoon and are operating at a deeper (some would say “higher,” but ascension is actually DOWNWARD – into the Earth and out – so I say “deeper”) level of communication with the planet.

Pallas Athena and Eris’ slice is felt.  Parts of us may have been sheared off in the process.  Rest assured that it was a precision strike, and whatever needed to be cut away and transformed was intentional.

All of the goddess archetypal energies that have dominated this month are taking a bow.  We also step back and bring in our calm.  Equilibrium of mind, body, and emotions comes in to effect today.  With it, something should come into better understanding for you.