Tuesday, July 9, 2013


New Moon Phase-  Moon in Leo

Ruling Mahavidya:  To be Announced

oracleThe Sun and Mercury meet up again today, but since Mercury is still retrograde, we see an uptick in the issues that come with Mercury retrograde: interpersonal communications are upset, electronic equipment acts wonky, and travel plans are interrupted.  Patience is key today, as is paying close attention while you are driving, and walking away for a break if frustration develops.  With Mercury retrograde, if we leave something alone (take a break from it) and then return to it later, it generally goes easier.  The problems develop when when we don’t walk away or keep trying to force things.

As I have talked about, this cycle (month) opens a period of unparalleled energy.  However, this may take another couple of days to really feel.  The reason for this is Jupiter pushing up behind the Black Moon, thrusting shadows (fears) forward like a tsunami.  Jupiter will make the exact conjunction with the Black Moon on Thursday, with relief felt on Friday, after the Sun rises.  If you feel like you are operating in darkness that is as dark as ink from a printer’s box, remember that ink from a printer’s box creates worlds of change.

Some may already be attaching to the cardinal forces that Sophia is using to steer things true.  Those that are “there” already, as in have jumped time to Friday after the Jupiter-Black Moon conjunction, are able to bypass to that point because their astrology charts are not being activated or keyed by current astrolgical transits.  So if you haven’t caught the wave yet, know it’s coming and take heart.  If you have already caught the wave, be patient with those who have not and remain humble.  Wait patiently.  Unnecessary emotional feeds are being weeded out.  Some people are staying back to weed as much as possible.  Understand the process of what is happening right now and don’t succumb to spiritual egotism.

This month’s element of feeling vulnerable, exposed, and out on a limb is keenly felt in the body today.  You may not like how far out there you are.  You may feel like covering up, pulling back, or winnowing.  If so, pay attention because there is an important message for you.  This energy transforms the state of things.  The way things are now is not how they will remain.

The energy is complex.  I suggest re-reading yesterday’s post in the Archives.  Andrew and I will be recording later today and I will discuss the ruling Mahavidya for this month.  She needs a full introduction before her announcement here.  It’s a special occasion for this Mahavidya to show up.

Today’s picture is one of my favorites from the Harvest Moon of 2012, a hint of things to come.