Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment

August 15, 2013


First Quarter Moon Phase: step out; take action

Moon: Sagittarius


Ruling Mahavidya:  Bhairavi


oracleToday, wise owls will hit the books!  Bhairavi is quite fond of books and the astrological energies in place today draw us toward what we need to know.  Follow inner prompting and inspiration that tells you to pick up a book.  Of course nowadays we can go to the internet for information, too.  The point is to follow through on intuition and impulses.  The Moon in Sagittarius adds more desire to find meaning, answers, or fulfillment.


First Quarter Moon phases are the time when the seedling pops through the ground and reaches for light.  We step forward and take action on the wish or intention that we set at the New Moon phase.  We nurture our wish and nurture ourselves today.


Today’s energy keeps us in our heads, so make sure you are not neglecting your body.  Stretch it out.  It will help the day’s processes.


The Mahavidyas are working very, very hard right now.  Matangi has also joined in.  Remember bawdy Matangi?  Matangi is known as “The Administrator” because any time Shodashi is at work, Matangi is also on scene, helping to manifest Shodashi’s vast efforts (Shodashi’s work is massive – she takes on a lot and makes grand improvements).  Matangi takes anything that is discarded and transmutes it back to purity.  She is taking all of the emotional detritus that is being released through Bhairavi’s heart healing, forming a negative emotional amalgam which Shodashi will work with during the Virgo cycle beginning September 5.  All of what is being released will be put to good use, transformed, and returned to the Galactic Center.  Energy is never destroyed; it is re-purposed in pure form.


It’s a Wisdom Goddess day, so get ready to get smart!


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