Saturday, September 7 – Sunday, September 8, 2013


New Moon Phase: beginning, projection, emergence, intention

Moon: Libra

Ruling Mahavidya:  Shodashi (with Matangi, The Administrator)

AUDIO UPDATE 9/6/2013 – Discussing the Energy of Shodashi


oracleYesterday’s audio recording is posted above.  In this recording, I review the progression of events since the New Moon in Cancer (July) and look a little bit ahead to the New Moon in Libra (October).  But mainly this recording is about our mission this month to ground light and help hold the fabric of humanity in place.  We are working with our “soul families” on higher levels this month and I talk about why this is so important now.

To summarize:  I am looking at specific dates (September 18/19 – Harvest Full Moon, October 4 – Libra New Moon, October 14 – 18 – Sun opposes Eris Point and Full Moon phase) where the potential is higher for more chaos in the world, and therefore when more work is required of us.  Remember that the Illuminati know the principle/power of “order out of chaos.”  Chaos is delivered so that order (control) can be obtained.  Potential for false flag operations is higher with these dates.  Shodashi is delivering pounding blows to the power of their efforts, and we offer our thanks to her. 

To understand the gravity of this, you need to know that this is Shodashi’s most concerted force for intervention with humanity ever.  And you can also see that the progression of 1) Dhumavati putting an end to all kinds of things in July;  2)Bhairavi fortifying our hearts and calling up the inner hero (spiritual warrior) in August; and 3) how now Shodashi is rectifying matters and getting things on proper course in response to our desire to be free of enslavement.  We are participating at the human, physical level by keeping ourselves emotionally and physically together and grounded while things are chaotic.  With this there is one word that is our mantra this month: trust.  Keep repeating it, and even put in the active, present tense with trusting.  I am trusting.

Saturday’s energy brings an even keener eye for beauty.  We catch glimmers not only of beautiful things in the world, but glimmers of wishes being fulfilled.  I keep reiterating the point that Shodashi is the Goddess Who Fulfills Our Highest Desire, which is the desire of our higher self in accordance with our individual energetic coding and purpose, so that no one is stuck on the idea of make a wish and poof! our Fairy Godmother Shodashi delivers.  But the truth is, this is exactly what also can happen.  So there is much to be happy about this month, not least of which is the pronounced and sheer beauty of feeling and sight.

The Sabian symbol for the position of the Sun on Sunday is “a volcanic eruption” and this energy always brings a cathartic release of some kind.  Since we had Venus opposing Eris (close to the Eris Point 22 Aries) at the New Moon, this energy is strong all month long.  Remember that any aspects that are present at the New Moon unfold all month.  There is massive Eris energy this month and next.  Eris is the Goddess of Chaos (among other things).  One thing Eris does not do well is hold her tongue when there is some sort of injustice or victimization going on (not that she necessarily should under those circumstances).  But the energy brings the general tendency to impulsively verbalize.  So with these two things in mind (the position of the Sun and the Venus-Eris energy) we are going to keep our heads.  Situations, circumstances, feelings, ideas, and events could be absolutely mind blowing Sunday.  If what you encounter is “negative” or disappointing in nature, hold your reaction.  Let it simmer inside and sleep on it.  Look at it again Monday.  A second perspective will emerge.  If what you encounter is “positive” or happy in nature, well, you know what to do.

There is so, so much to talk about and do this month.  I am doling it out a little at a time, so please check back as we walk through together. We walk while our soul families fly.  If I need to update again over the weekend, I will send a tweet.

Thank you to everyone who has donated or tried to donate.  Hopefully it is working now.