Posted on October 27, 2012

Gibbous Moon Phase – Moon in Aries

We are entering a window of time that is going to be rocky so we need to undertake special measures.  This window of time opens Saturday and continues through November 6.  When we have energy that is difficult to navigate, I usually suggest some type of technique like being the wise owl peering out from within its tree.  The energy is much too strong for that and requires something much more substantial.  This energy is going to batter us emotionally, mentally, and physically, so we need to transform into a massive, rocky shore that will resist the pounding.  The energy will come in waves during this time – some days will pound harder than others.  Events in the world will reflect this.  I am not discussing this to “front load” or create a reality; I am discussing this so that you understand what is happening if you start to have trouble.  If you feel yourself getting emotionally overwhelmed, the thing to do is ground yourself as if you were a rocky cliff – a part of the landscape of the Earth herself.  Picture this cliff as rooted deep within the Earth.  When things get difficult, go inside yourself and follow the rock down.  We will need a strong barrier to maintain equilibrium.

I want to talk a little bit about the nature of energy.  “Difficult” energy enables us to see things differently and to grow – not suffer.  The grand experimental vision of Gaia Sophia (us) does not involve any element of suffering.  Suffering has been introduced by forces that stand against her vision (us) and seek to annihilate it (us).  They use windows of time/energy that are designed for growth and twist or amp them up to the point of suffering.  They do this by manipulating us – tricking us.  It is very easy to do with technology today and the mass addiction to visual images of fear and violence.  One image can reverberate through time, space, and psyches.  Whatever develops and whatever images are projected, realize that this is being manipulated.  We are much too savvy to think that the planet or spiritual energy causes suffering.  True, the planet does initiate changes and corrections and casualties ensue.  But there is a difference.  Those things happen quickly and without warning.  The things that are pumped into the collective for days, weeks, years, millenia are manipulations.  The Full Moon of the month when the Sun is in Scorpio (the next moon phase we will enter) is always a precarious time. But we have a nexus of various astrological energies that are too ripe for darker forces not to take advantage of.  Don’t be afraid.  Just remember that whatever is being pumped into the collective consciousness is a manipulation to emotionally weaken you.  But you are a rock and not so easily moved.

– Since I live outside of Washington, DC, the approaching hurricane may mean I lose electricity and prevent me from posting.  This weekend’s report, in combination with yesterday’s report, should see you through until I am up and running again.  No worries.

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