Saturday: New Moon Phase – Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius

Sunday: Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Aquarius

On Friday we had the bluebird of happiness at our front door and this weekend Cupid is knocking.  The energy asks us to open our hearts and go beyond barriers that may in place around it.  The Sun and the asteroid Cupido were conjunct at the New Moon, so Cupid’s Arrow of Love combined with Sagittarius’ Archer and his Arrow for Aiming Home makes for a wonderful combination.  It’s the perfect confluence to fall back in love with life.  Along that line, today’s energy also asks us to let our inner child out to play.  The energy is a playful, loving, happy time that is even a bit mischievious.  A little bit of the Prankster is present while Venus leaves the sign of Scorpio.  All of this happy energy is at odds with Saturn and Pluto in sextile, which is bringing a push-pull of control and power issues.  There are lingering parts that are trying to control things.  The interesting thing now is that this does not have to hold any power over us.  If it doesn’t meet our standards of falling back in love with life, we brush it aside indifferently because it holds no significance.  We are taking up arms as spiritual warriors and practicing lifting our bow and shooting our arrow at anything that stands opposed to the fullest expression of who we are individually and as a collective.  So we need to practice this visualization by pummeling feelings and mindsets that creep in to pull us off track by shooting them with our arrows.  Remember, right now our feet are planted firmly on the ground and our minds are aiming home.  Ground down and aim home.  Monday will be especially interesting with the Sun moving into conjunction with the Galactic Center so stay tuned.


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