The Oracle Report

Disseminating Moon Phase:  share, communicate

Moon in Taurus

Sun: 21 Leo – “a carrier pigeon fulfilling its mission”

Higher Expression:  messages, clear direction, returning “home,” open communication, completion of something

Lower Expression:  fear of sharing what you know or have to offer, miscommunication, lack of purpose, systems failure

Earth: 21 Aquarius – “a rug placed on a floor for children to play on”

Higher Expression:  safe/safety, paying attention to the wisdom and experience of others, careful, free to develop, creative expression, opening space in the field for new things and new answers

Lower Expression:  disconnected, whining, coddled, tantrums, arrested development, too serious

The first full day of Mercury’s retrograde enters today, during the Disseminating Moon phase, no less.  Mercury and Disseminating phase are all about communications, messages, and paths.  Also, the Sabian symbol for the Sun today relates directly to messages – “a carrier pigeon fulfilling its mission.”

So a message is in store for each of us today.

This means we need to pay close attention.  Pay attention to animal sightings (Ted Andrews’ Animal Speak is suggested for interpretation), background conversations and other things in the background (like music), and repeats or “coincidences” (synchronicities).

Nothing is coincidental, especially today.

The symbol for the degree of the Earth today, “a rug placed on a floor for children to play on,” tells us not to fear changes in the field or explorations into new territory (of mind or body).

I think this report is clear in its analysis of today’s energetics, but I would like to make another comment, this owl fulfilling a mission and delivering a message:

There is no need to fear the future.

The event in Charlottesville, Virginia yesterday was, clearly, a false flag, with Saurus’ claw prints all over it.  Note that the Eris Point, former energetic of successful false flag operations and now the sure sign of failure of such operations, was heavily activated with the Grand Trine of the Moon (at Eris Point), the Sun, and the conjunction of the Black Moon (shadow) and SATURN (archons) – see yesterday’s report.  The shadow side of the archons is not at all hidden any longer.

In my audio “The Recapitulation of Renaissance,” I mentioned my latest “road trip” with the Wisdom Goddesses – the Mahavidyas – a few days ago.  As “chance” would have it, my route was diverted and greatly lengthened, which necessitated an overnight stay.  Where?  Charlottesville.  Actually, I consciously chose not to stop specifically in Charlottesville, but just on the outskirts in picturesque Waynesboro, with its spectacular views of the Shenandoah Valley.  If you have never seen the Shenandoah, it is highly recommended.

The point is – we – HUMANITY – are way ahead of the cabal and we don’t even realize it.

All of their plans are crumbling.

We have already won.

“I’ve been everywhere, man,” and there are no coincidences.  Pay close attention to what is going on around you today to easily catch your message.