The Oracle Report

Gibbous Moon Phase:  trust

Moon in Pisces

Sun:  11 Libra – “a professor peering over his glasses at this students”

True Alignments:  shifting focus tapping in to intuition, hard work that is rewarding, growth, new knowledge, adapting to changing scenarios/having different approaches to different things

Catalysts for Change:  abusing the natural order of things, acting prematurely, comparisons to others/comparing things that are not comparable (and thus not seeing the individual uniqueness and value)

Earth:  11 Aries – “the ruler of a nation”

True Alignments:  leadership, leading oneself, taking charge, ethics, willpower, the truth or core of something, accomplishing tasks

Catalysts for Change:  power and control issues, bossy, abuse of power, domineering, tyranny

If you have followed the Oracle Report for any length of time, you probably know of my affinity for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

Tom Petty was the masculine embodiment of the archetypal energy of the planet Eris.  With Neptune, Mercury, and Venus in opposition to the Eris Point (via Libra), Pluto trine the Eris Point (via Leo), and Mars and Chiron trine the Eris Point (via Sagittarius), he was here as a rebel against the forces of oppression with his stellar skills of words, music, and leadership.  He never backed down.  He fought against the cabal for the rights of musicians and won.

One day when the time is right, I will tell the story of how I came to take today’s photo and how it featured in an assignment I was given by the Wisdom Goddesses.  The assignment was only made possible by Divine Intervention and the love and generosity of a wise owl.

The power of Tom Petty will now begin to fully reveal itself.

(If you are interested in learning more about the Eris archetype in its masculine form [something little understood], the documentary on Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers by Peter Bogdanovich entitled “Running Down A Dream” is currently on Netflix and is excellent.)