Balsamic Moon Phase – Moon in Scorpio

I discussed the upcoming energy in this past weekend’s report about the Activation Point.  I also discussed how this Balsamic Moon Phase is enhancing our current co-communication with Sophia in preparation for this turn.  We have today to continue along that line.

The Activation Point is more specifically the activation of a vision quest—the quest to enact not only Sophia’s grand vision for humanity, but also our own personal vision.  Remember that life on this planet is a co-operative endeavor with a divine being.  Sophia’s vision for humanity was for it to manifest its personal uniqueness while participating and assisting her in her return home—in real time.  So our mission is two-fold and this particular part will last through February.  This mission is to undertake our own vision quest and, by doing so, pave the way for others to do the same.  Our efforts will carry along the collective of humanity (like the hundredth monkey effect).  This will raise the collective vibration of humanity (strengthen the signal wave).  Our personal vision quests are conjoined with the vision quest of Sophia because the expression of ourselves is her vision.  So we will undertake the vision quest fully conscious of the fact that our quests are maintained by and connected with the planet herself.

So what do we need to do?  1) we need to understand that we set off on the vision quest tomorrow, with the New Moon in Scorpio and the accompanying total solar eclipse. 2) we need to hold clear intent of what we are doing—personally participating in Sophia’s vision quest. 3) we need to know exactly where we want to go—the fullest expression of our individual selves in our grandest forms. 4) we need to know what we want to return with—wisdom and whatever else you need.

Vision quests are undertaken to gain all tyes of things—spirit guides, information, answers, awareness, etc.  Today we will all need to give thought to what our personal quests will be about.  The “activation” part of this is our committment to this quest for the month.  It will work best if you hold to some sort of ritual.  Anything will do—lighting a candle at sunset, making an altar, prayers at sunrise, or whatever works for you personally.  Vision quests are personal, so only you know what will work for you.  I will be fasting from sunrise to sunset until Thanksgiving.  You don’t need to go to that extreme and no sort of sacrifice WHATSOEVER is required.  Sophia is not into sacrifice.  Fasting enhances my intuitive abilities, so that’s what I am taking on.

Most of the action of the activation point will transpire over the next lunar month (beginning tomorrow) and will be processed and integrated during the latter half of December, January, and February.

There’s a lot more to say, but for today set up your quest.  Give thought to numbers 1-4 above.  Consider yourself one of the geese in this picture, about to take flight and formation with the others tomorrow.  The energy of the collective will be intense because the Moon moves into Scorpio today, giving us an overdose of Scorpio/Pluto energy.  We will need to work around this as we prepare to activate the quest tomorrow.  (Note: if you had a unique sighting of Canadian geese/goose this past weekend, pay special attention to this report.)  Additionally, two CMEs are converging and will reach us today, amping up whatever is present.  For us, what is present is direct communication with the planet, so pay attention to what’s happening around you.

If you have questions about this, the best way for me to answer them is to send them to Andrew on the Oracle Report Facebook community.  Everyone knows I’m not on Facebook, but pop in and send posts through Andrew.  I can’t access my Oracle Report email at work and have yet to be able to synch it with my phone—which makes it almost impossible for me to respond to emails.  But I can respond pretty quickly when Andrew emails me as his schedule permits.  There isn’t a lot of time to prepare for this per se, but we have been working on it for several days in our sleep state.  Don’t feel pressured.  Feel the joy of being a part of something greater than yourself.

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