This message just rang truth for me and I felt it was important to post this right away. Can you imagine what imprint we would leave if all Lightworkers across the globe left our technologies and communed the entire day with nature? No distractions, obsessions or interactions with machines…just connecting with Mother Earth! Wow!  And My Guidance has continually shared the same message; that The Plan is morphing constantly as we morph.  It is a secret when that day occurs…

Information from Lightworkers of Russia.
Дорогие Работники Света, мы приветствуем вас.
Dear Lightworkers, our Greetings
The Plan for Ascention is changing constantly.
The old programme has been fully liquidated.
We turned on Reserve Code of Reality, according to which is proceeding the evolution of the planet and all that is alive on this planet.
We cannot now interpret this Code and Reality.
It is a galactical secret.
According to this Reserve Code, the planet started pulling the energies into the center and that is accelerating all the processes of
rooling up external and internal illusions of three-dimensional reality.
The energy is sucked into the centre of Gaya.
We have no energy for other things only for our main purpose – regaining full conscioussness
and development of cordiality and compassion.
We all are sure it is the Quantum Shift.
It is left only a few days befor July 25.
It is impossible to stop this process.
The vibrations are rising with every day and we are ascending together with our planet to the Throne of Light.
On the 25th of July there will be a celebration
On this Magic Day we recommend to disconnect from the old paradigm and energies. On the 24th
day eve you can write a letter to our Light Teachers, Ascended Masters or Mahatmas about you plans for the coming year. Next morning, read your letter loudly and then burn the letter.This magic act on this day will have a tremendous effect.
This is a precious chance before the Great Shift.
25 th of July is an off-time day. Ask only for the most important things, be wise, and stop your clocks, turn off mobile phones, computers and TV’ s.
Go into the nature, don”t hurry, take Your time, be happy and calm.

Work OF THE HIERARCHY ON THE OUT OF TIME DAY 25/07/2012.(Russian lightworkers and Kryon)
On this day you can meditate and receive the holy grail activation codes of the Earth and Birth of the New Reality individually or in groups.
The KINGDOM OF DOLPHINS will pass on this Day New Potentials of supersonic frequency matrices of the New World for the Earth.
A total of 36 high vibrational Divine
matrices of the Divine Being will pass to the Earth through the waters of the planet, including glaciers and snow masses, as well through living cells and the molecular structures of all living organisms.
Thus, will be made the Internal adjustment of sacred, cyclical rhythms of the Earth to a new frequency of vibration and, consequently, a new Galactic and Intergalactic time coordinate system. Many people will hear in their sleep the great new sound of the Cosmos, the babies and Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children will hear the sound as well.
Many creative and sensitive individuals – musicians, painters, sculptors and other pure hearts around the world will receive these new potentials for a subsequent creative spiritual rise,for Creativity and acceptance of the New Reality.
Actually through a high-pitched sound will come down to Earth Divine Grace which will be noticed and welcomed by all the open and emphatic hearts on the planet.
This will be the sound of the Great Wave of Ascension, which will be downloaded through the waters of the planet reaching the Core of the Earth.
Of course, the Kingdom of Dolphins plays a key role in this process as the Dolphins and Whales will be the first to meet this Sound and direct the flow of this wonderful energy around the Earth.
On this day at least five minutes we should dedicate our meditations to Whales and Dolphins and inter-dimensionally and quantum you will get all the necessary information and
New potentials of the Cosmic Sound and Light. We also ask all of you who will write and read his/her letter, which was mentioned earlier in this letter to indicate the item –

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