Have you noticed how the last few years or so the energy and structure of a “path” has rather been slipping away never to be seen again?
By path, I mean the linear structure we have been accustomed to using to guide us forward. This has been occurring at an increasingly accelerated rate this past year in particular. I am NOT herein suggesting that using the word “path” is inappropriate, words are just containers that we can put different energies into. So let’s look at some new energy in this regard!This morning I received the following very beautiful bit of feedback response regarding the new look/feel on the Cosmic Consciousness Online website which elucidates upon this whole movement “beyond path” we have been in very well:

…To me Oneness Love is what real nuclear power is about. As beautiful as the new look is it is still about your being vibrantly present, and moving ever onwards. Thank you!
Now I am fully back, since one week, having completed a five year long inner journey, the hermetic truth prevailing: the higher I got the deeper into the valley I proceeded, at the end of the day the above equaling the below, an extraordinary experience. I saw all the 12 “ordinary” paths being deleted. What remained was the 13th path: Intuition, Intent, Oneness, Love. ~ In Light & Love, Pia
The “13th Path” Pia refers to is the UNpath! It is not born of linear structure and the energy that gets put into such structure to mobilize whatever aligns to it. It is a New Earth modality that access the New Earth Toroidal Temple whereby the moment you touch into it the whole enchilada is available to you instantly.It is therefore not a modality like we have been used to whereby we progress from one point to another through time plodding along hoping for a quantum leap to come along which we then call a miracle. Rather this is where miracles become everyday living reality!

Pia defines the parameters under which this New Earth modality operates as ” Intuition, Intent, Oneness, Love.” This is very much what the Metatronic Councils of Light have also related.

Intuition is the composite of ALL levels of intelligence within our being. It is NOT separate from our mental intelligence, rather it incorporates that intelligence into a larger whole. Anytime we expand any level of awareness, intelligence or knowledge in our being, we have just also expanded our intuition’s potential.

Our heart is where all these levels of intelligence are unified as a whole within us. If we are centered in our heart then we have access to the whole hologram rather than bouncing around between the illusion of one part or another within it as being separate.

Intent is the switch that directs the power of our entire being. Conscious intent allows us to direct that power according to our Intuition. This is the real purpose of the mind in the human experience. It’s meant to carry out the guidance of the heart by directing the magnetic power of our incarnate being and this is found in our emotions and feelings. In the Temple of Sha’Lemvideo transmission there is an excellent teaching and process for refining emotion into pure feeling which is aligned to your True Self.

Oneness is what happens when unity consciousness is developed and then embodied to a high enough degree. It is not just being aware of our inter-connectedness, it is an autonomous living expression of it. To the degree that Oneness is realized there are no separative patterns causing pain remaining. We are able to experience life from the place of pure knowing and feeling that whatever shows up in life is there to show us something about our RESPONSE to it. In the state of Oneness, that response will always be…

Love… everything is born of the energy of love and carries its harmonics deep within its originating vibration. Yet, how that love energy expresses itself is a matter of the field of awareness that is directing and controlling it.

To reach Oneness and the experience of the highest states of love we need to be able to put an end to our judgmental projections of everything that is not operating at that level. While we continue to sustain such judgments and projections we keep ourselves glued to these more limited levels of reality.

Therefore, releasing these judgments and projections is a matter of self-love and evolution. It is not a matter of condoning or supporting anything that is operating at more limited levels of awareness and love. This latter understanding has the potential to liberate you from everything that may seem to be the “problem.” Once it is truly achieved then co-existing with denser patterns of energy is simply not a problem anymore.

I learned that if I am having a problem with a denser pattern of energy “out there,” that it meant I either had resonance with it inside of myself, or I was judging it and thereby creating that resonance inside of myself, and it is often a bit of both.

The way forward now is indeed a composite of Intuition, Intent, Oneness, and Love operating as a holographic whole reality within our being. I suppose we could call it a new path, but in the context that it is a “way” or a “state.”

It is a very expanded place within us that allows ALL of our intelligence levels to co-participate and co-create together, none of them in exclusion of the other. It is therefore NOT a linear progression… as Pia points out all the “12 Path’s” of linear progression which include the “spiral of evolution” are now entirely transcendable, i.e. deletable.

It is literally time to go “quantum” and step out of our long-standing orientations to trodding along the old linear paths step by step. They are familiar and bring us a feeling of security, but they limit us and make us want to break free at the same time. This creates an inner tension which can turn into anxiety and then fear.

The old idea of surrender then comes into play here. However, we must be conscious that there are two ways of surrendering as Thoth advised Maia and I many years ago. We can surrender to the limitations of the circumstances, or we can surrender to the potentials which lie beyond them. An example of surrendering to the limitations is found in our tendency to think that we can just “tough it out and endure to survive.”

We can indeed do that, but then we will find ourselves with yet another similar situation at some point and these days it will be almost immediately. To get out of that loop, surrender to the potential of that situation ONLY. Very simply put, the potential of any situation is the awareness it is intended to develop within us. ASK to be quickened into that awareness and the need for the limiting situation will be served and it can then shift.