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obama.siPlease pardon me for not including Planet X in the subject line of my
last post.  It should have read  – THE PENDING OBAMA ET/UFO / PLANET X
Please take this forthcoming imminent announcement very seriously. It will by
deduction serve to warn and explain why at this time we are living in what can
be logically considered as the Last Day or Endtimes of the unjust.

ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for April 27, 2013
As more and more weeks
pass without Obama stepping up to the plate to make the announcement has the
percentage chance of the announcement going ahead gone down from 93%?  Is
he starting to change his mind? It has been over 2 months since punch 1,
has punch 2 occurred yet? Are there back up plans if Obama fails in his
mission, other leaders/star children who will step up and announce to the
world that STO aliens are working alongside?
What is the likelihood that the Obama administration
will arrange for the announcement we have been predicting? 99%. Clearly, as was
shown during September,
2012  when Obama attempted to use the Emergency Broadcast System and October, 2012  when
he attempted to broadcast the announcement from the Oval Office, he faced
formidable opposition. Wires were cut, injunctions were issued claiming a hoax,
and Obama did so poorly at the first debate due to distraction that he was in
danger of losing the election. The opposition even arranged to use the
Emergency Broadcast System to suggest that such announcements can be a hoax,
claiming a Zombie Apocalypse in February, 2013.

Numerous bait and switchsweeps were conducted to locate and eliminate from power those wanting the
cover-up to continue. Obama’s golfing weekend was one such setup, and resulted
in the forced resignation of General
Allenin February, 2013. Two attempts to assassinate Obamalikewise
occurred in March, 2013. Lest the public think Obama is twiddling his thumbs
and procrastinating idly, this is far from the truth. Just what steps Obama has
taken over these months, and the nature and form of the announcement when it
does occur, the public does not
need to know. We have stated that it will be a surprise, when it occurs,
and to constantly reassure the public with specifics only assists the
opposition. Trust us, it is in process.