Translation by: Oliver Troll
Suppose that someone suddenly came on how one of the Swedish society’s fundamental basic principles
one of the pillars on which the whole of Swedishsociety rests
Petitionis a giant lie and an even greater violation of the law.Suppose then that same person, against all odds, manages to create a situationwhere “the cornerstone” is tried in court.This person exists.His name is Witte, Henning Witte.Clan Wallenberg via DolorosaHenning Witte’s stroke of genius was to let the clan Wallenberg flagship SEB, withthe usual banksterarrogans, summer 2012 drag him to court in Norrköping in a caseconcerning a delinquent basic payment rate on a plastic card.In their appeal to the Supreme Court explains Witte what the controversy is reallyabout:This court case is one of the most important civil cases ever brought in Sweden,more important than Neurosedynin-case in the 1960s.Never before has the private banking system been challenged legally on their mosttender point: banks manufacture money itself and, moreover, without the support of the law.Most people think that it is only the Central bank in Sweden – Riksbanken makesmoney and that private banks lending money they already have, either throughdeposits or that they themselves borrowed money from the Bank or another.
“You should know that we Banks own thecourts in this country! We will crush you likea little bug.”
S-E Bank Chief Executive Laywer.
Göteborgsposten, 23 januari 2000
Translation by: Oliver Troll
The private banks ‘ surreptitiously taken privilege to be able to produce money (whichis why a license is so expensive), causing great damage to society. Not only that, itallows a surreptitious expropriation of seven different levels, it causes massunemployment, inflation, high taxes, government debt, unnecessarily expensiveproducts and much more.If only the “Riksbanken” had the opportunity to make money, would all these socialproblems not exist, then it would only be legal tender in circulation. A Court ascertains that the digital money that private banks manufactures, are illegaltender, and therefore not refundable, is of central importance for Swedish society asa whole and can be the starting point for a monetary reform which introduces stableand honest relationships in Sweden.It is of the utmost importance for the management of the law that this case be tried bythe Supreme Court, because private banks ‘ illegal ways of issuing money along withthe “Riksbanken” is damaging and shakes the entire community in its foundations.Those who want to support lawyer Henning Witte that “bank parasite target” in HDcan join in the petition below: [2]The Swedish basic law has given us a unique leverage to improve economicprosperity in Sweden from the Foundation, which in turn causes a strong boost for democracy, power is transmitted from the banks/big business to the population.The relieving rule in the Constitution, see 9. Chapter 14 § second movementConstitution: “provisions on the monetary and payment system will be notifiedotherwise by the law.”The most important part of the monetary system is the right to make money.Parliament has therefore only by a law given the Riksbank this powerful right. TheRiksbank may make cash and digital money, so-called legitimate money. When mostdo not understand that digital cash is money and the cash has private bankssurreptitiously taken itself the freedom to also issue digital money, which today hasled to a cash only is approx. 4.1% of all Swedish kronor.The digital money that private banks do out of thin air by granting a credit money isillegal, because there is not a law, either in Sweden or the EU, which gives themsuch a privilege. To expose this abuse of power from the banks is what HenningWitte’s case against SEB. HD shall smite with the fist on the table and prohibit banksto make money without the support of the law and Parliament shall regulate thematter by a law.Banks ‘ issuance of fake money on the sly is a pyramid scheme that has led to massunemployment, inflation and other woes. Because money “created” in this way,without interest, the interest rate banks also require, cause there is always too littlemoney in society. This creates a situation that with mathematical certainty over timemore and more of the country’s power assets into the private bankers trunks.