I just thought this commentary on gold and silver manipulation was so simply and succinctly described that I thought I would post it!
So how hard is it to rig the gold and silver markets?
It’s not hard. Not at all. It takes no effort. It takes no metal. It takes no trading strategy.
It takes nothing.
All you do is set your computers to trade back and forth with themselves on the PAPER markets until you hit the predetermined price. 
Then you hold it there with the same programs until everyone FORGETS that the price should be higher and buyers go away.
It has been this way since Greenspan implemented the very first computer trading programs for ex-Fed Chairman Arthur Burns in the early 1970’s.
It will stay this way until the computers are turned off.
But that day approaches fast because it is in the BEST INTEREST of the United States to end the game.
So where do you want your money to be invested when the game ends?
Isn’t it obvious?
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir
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