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The Radical Intelligence of Nature In the face of genetic engineering, cyborg sensibilities, and an encompassing technoculture, how can we encounter, appreciate, and learn from nature? Dr. Gottlieb will explore the resources nature, despite everything, still holds for individual spiritual development, collective sanity, and progressive political change. Nature’s radical intelligence teaches both personal tranquility and a profound unease with destructive social structures and global norms of violence and addiction.

Roger S. Gottlieb, Ph.D., is professor of philosophy at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He is known for his work as a leading analyst and exponent of religious environmentalism and for his passionate and moving account of spirituality in an age of environmental crisis. Dr. Gottlieb’s many books include This Sacred Earth, A Greener Faith, and A Spirituality of Resistance: Finding a Peaceful Heart and Protecting the Earth. As a speaker, he combines a personal and humorously engaging style and an inspiring message of personal responsibility, social change, and spiritual vision.