Many people feel like they have come “late to the silver party” because they didn’t get in on the ground floor with silver below $5/oz ten years ago. They feel that because silver has risen 700% in that time frame it’s got nowhere left to go. If you are one of the people who thinks like that way…
The reality is that the reason most of the early silver buyers got into the silver market below $5/oz are more bullish than ever today. Once you understand that the price of silver is STILL BEING RIGGED after all these years you will be buying physical silver with every penny you can scrounge together. Ultimately, YOU will be seen as one of those “early silver investors” once the silver rigging ends and silver finds it’s TRUE Fair Market Value!
So LITERALLY – buying physical silver today is no more scary than buying physical silver 10 years ago when the price was under $5/oz.
The following should give you a sound understanding of just how valuable physical silver is and how important the coming silver “moonshot” will be. I have updated this article many times over the years and believe it or not there are many more reasons NOW to invest in silver than there was 10 years ago!
Melt the Witch 2012
You will also hear people say… “you should diversify your investments” but those are the same people who almost lost it all in 2008 and are about to run up against the same brick wall. As for diversification – here’s how I diversify my investments!
50% pre-1965 junk silver
30% US Silver eagles
10% 1oz Silver Rounds
5% Cash in hand
5% Survival stuff

Now THAT’S the right way to diversify your portfolio considering where we stand today!

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir