Message from the Elders

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marisa-lerin-free-spirit-word-art-asset-words-commercial-useWelcome, sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this Now, as you experience this magical month of May. Let us start by surrounding you in the beautiful copper-gold and pink-gold flames of Solar Christ Consciousness, Overlighted by Helios and Vesta, your God-Parents for this Solar System, and taking you in this month of May through the sacred Cosmic Fire of Power.   Wherever you are in your sacred space, breathe deep into the body and feel yourself imbued by the radiance of your Divine Light, of the connection that you experience now at a deeper level with your God-Self, your Beloved I AM Presence, and as you experience the radiance and magnificence of your Light, sweet ones, ground into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth. As the sub-atomic particles within your body spin in increased Light frequencies, you experience this crystalline Grid of Light, this Unity Grid of Divine Love, within you and around you, connecting you to the Light workers, to the star seeded ones, to the Legions of Light from On High, as collectively you co-create your Heaven on Earth. And indeed, sweet ones, this cosmic roller-coaster ride has not been so easy for many of you as you experience a greater level of your Christed Light, and these oscillating emotions are bringing up both the shadow and the Light, and new frequencies that you have yet to be able to completely ground and to describe, as this ascension process continues and grows and is amplified and experienced in new ways, sweet ones.   So let us start by giving you a deeper understanding of these energies that you may be experiencing through the eclipses. The Wesak Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 25th and 26th of April initially took you into a deeper level of the Christed Light within, of the knowing that you are here in Service in Love, and a desire to focus on your service work. For many of you this focus took you deeper into connecting to the many Councils of Light or your own star core groups, or in fact, sweet ones, of releasing the vestiges of karmic contracts and old soul contracts, so you could step forward through the Christed Timelines and this pathway of Divine Love, with the knowing that the Legions of the Light are around you always ~ behind you, next to you and in front of you, guiding and leading you ever upwards into the Light. This energy matrix was further amplified through Lord Buddha, the Planetary Spiritual Hierarchy, and indeed the Cosmic Spiritual Hierarchy. All these Beings of Light from On High that you personally acknowledge, amplified their Cosmic Light, creating and imbuing you with deeper levels of Cosmic Light frequencies, and regardless of where you are individually in your consciousness and your journey, sweet ones, you would have experienced some sense of momentum, some sense of hope, some sense of being re-connected and re-wired into the matrix, in a new way that brought with it a deeper sense of peace, of stillness, and of knowing that the pathway forward is through the Cosmic Heart of All Creation.   And now, as you move through the month of May you are asked to stand in a deeper level of power, and this initiation is amplified through the New Moon Solar Eclipse on May 10th. This New Moon Solar Eclipse brings a focus to your fears, sweet ones, and to the release of your fears, amplified through the sacred Cosmic Fire of Power. You are asked to stand in your power and have a look at what it is you may still be working with; what your fears are, your inability to communicate, express yourselves, boundaries that need to be re-established, connections old and new that will be made as you stand deeper in your power and align yourselves at a deeper level to the Cosmic Heart of All Creation. For this New Moon Solar Eclipse asks you to align your will to the Divine Will of Mother/Father God. So be aware, sweet ones, of what comes up for you, so you may truly trust, and surrender to the Divine ~ taking you beyond the negative ego, taking you beyond the fears, allowing you to face all the fears as they come up, and to know that it is the aspects of the negative ego that hold you back from the freedom, from the creative expression of your authentic Selves ~ that creates a form of self-sabotage, and for some of you, addictions, that take you into victim and persecutor consciousness. For it is when you recognize that it is your Beloved I AM Presence is center stage that you can step out of the victim and persecutor consciousness. You have so successfully played out this role, sweet ones, and when you recognize that those that have abused you, intentionally or unintentionally, have caused you to abuse yourself intentionally or unintentionally, and possibly moved into greater levels of addiction, whether this be smoking, or drinking, or overeating, or abusing the physical body ~ your Temple of Light ~ in different ways. And what you are asked to do at this time, through the energy of the New Moon Solar Eclipse, is bring a focus to your body as a Temple of Light ~ to not give the power to the negative ego or the lower mind, for in the giving of power, it is not simply to others, but it is also to the negative ego aspects of yourselves, and when you can do this, sweet ones, you start to come into a deeper sense of yourself and your body.   It is initially a difficult experience to completely attune yourself in vibrational frequency to the intuitive expression brought through by your Beloved I AM Presence and your Higher Self of the Light, your Guardian Angel, directing and guiding you in your everyday life ~ but as you attune yourself more into this collective Consciousness of Light in the New Earth Templates of Light, in the sacred geometries, in the solar core frequencies that come through, through the sacred Cosmic Fires of Helios and Vesta, you will find that the greater increases of Cosmic Light within the body direct you intuitively into a new Light Quotient, if we may call it this. This Light Quotient will start to be experienced at a physical level within the body. Some of you have experienced these ascension symptoms. The initial activations of these ascension symptoms experienced over many years through the duality on this earth plane, have been activations of the kundalini and tantric channels, have been the movement of the cerebral spinal fluid through the spine and brain, the recalibration of the left and right hemispheres of the brain, of the pituitary, the pineal and hypothalamus glands, of all the chakras being activating and aligning in one Unified Column of Light, through the release of old sub-atomic particles, false beliefs and judgments, to create this spinning of the crystalline frequencies and the dormant DNA, to the remembrance of yourselves as these Christed Beings of Light.   Now what you are experiencing in these New Earth Energies, sweet ones, initially seems like greater moments of No-Time, No-Space, essentially of coming back but not being quite sure where you have been ~ this is an expansion of the consciousness and the integration of the new Light frequencies that takes you also into a temporary sense of forgetfulness, or loss of memory, but this expansion is creating an increased level of Light within the body, the physical form at this time, sweet ones, and you are asked in particular to bring a focus to the physical body ~ to move the body in increased Light frequencies through dance and movement, to clear old energies and frozen miasms, and this is usually done through movement; or you can do this through sound or massage or different healing techniques; but take this time in this month of May in particular, through these eclipses, and through your own Knowing that this month in particular takes you deeper into the Cosmic Heart of All Creation through the three-fold Flame of Power, Love and Wisdom.   And as you experience the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on May the 25th you will indeed step into a deeper level of your own Christed Radiance, of the Knowing of yourselves as these Christ Conscious Beings of Light, of the Knowing of yourselves as these Solar Master Beings, and sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. And this Lunar Eclipse experienced on May 25th Overlighted by Lord Buddha and the Planetary Spiritual Hierarchy amplifies the three-fold Flame of Power, Love and Wisdom, through the causal body of Helios and Vesta, as you are surrounded in an Electronic Ring of Fire. Furthermore the Overlighting of the Mahatma, the Cosmic Avatar of Synthesis ~ this bridge between Heaven and Earth, so to speak, holding the frequency of the Cosmic Rays ~ is further experienced at this time of the Lunar Eclipse. The Mahatma brings a perfect balance through the tenth ray of Divinity, of the three-fold Flame of Love, Power and Wisdom, and this is a gift that will be given to each one of you to take you further into your service work, or to connect you deeper into the first three ray ashrams of Power, Love, and Wisdom.   Take a moment, sweet ones, to connect now, into the Planetary Spiritual Hierarchy, and into this first ray of Will and Power. As you connect to Master El Morya, and find yourself in this first ray Ascension Seat, you are surrounded once more in the beautiful copper-gold and pink-gold flames of Helios and Vesta. As you come into a deeper level of working with your power issues, what is it that you are still working with, sweet ones ~ is it a lack of power, abuse and misuse of power, the inability to stand up for yourself, victim consciousness or persecutor consciousness? You have a look at what your fears are, you have a look at what you need to shift and change, to be able to communicate clearly and lovingly, to find clear boundaries, and as you open your heart now, opening to receive and merging with your Beloved I AM Presence, you see clearly through the Christed Timelines what it is that you are needing to change ~ who it is you are needing to connect with in this Now, to change your relationship with, to express yourselves, to find balance and harmony within your lives within this Now. Overlighted by your Beloved I AM Presence and knowing, sweet ones, that your Beloved I AM Presence is center stage and you are no longer a victim ~ and you no longer need to persecute. You embrace the sub-personality aspects of yourselves that need to be loved, that need to feel safe, that need to feel your love, that are abused, or have been abused, that have been the abuser. This imbalance of power, of external power dissipates, as you come into stillness, as you look through your Master Eyes, as you forgive and Love and you find strength too in the knowing that the Legions of Light are around you, guiding and directing you in your everyday life. Think of this as your Army of Light, sweet ones, so you know when to step forward as a dynamic Warrior of Light, and when to step back in Love, and Wisdom. And you are offered the Sword of Holy Truth of Archangel Michael, and the Shields of Light ~ as you surround yourself now in this crystalline Shield of Light and hold this Sword of Holy Truth, these Solar Core frequencies from the Sun are amplified now through the energy of Helios and Vesta, and they imbue you with the power frequencies of the perfect balance of empowerment, of the opportunity that you are given now to align your will into a deeper level of the Will of Mother/Father God and into your original divine eight-cell blueprint, into the remembrance that you are indeed an alchemist, a warrior of Light, a sacred protector to Mother Earth and all her Life. You feel this Love of all the Beings of Light, sweet ones, through the Cosmic Heart of All Creation, and you know that you are no longer wanting to experience the power issues, the negative ego aspects, the arrogance, or the victim consciousness, and you to choose to let go of this, you choose to trust and surrender to the Divine, to flow through the Cosmic Heart of All Creation, in the knowing that all is Divinely Perfect, having a determined outcome, and yet not determining the outcome.   And now you are taken into the second ray ashram Overlighted by Master Kuthumi, by Lord Buddha, by Helios and Vesta, and the Office of Christ; and in this sacred Ascension Seat and ashram of Love and Wisdom you find yourself opening at a deeper level to the magnificence of All Creation, sweet ones, in the knowing that there is only Love ~ in the knowing that you are being guided into the Cosmic Heart of All Creation, and it is amplified now, showing you the pathways forward in Divine Love in the co-creation of your Heaven on Earth, and you do this with Love; self-love, self-nurturing, self-appreciation, and the Love of All Creation. And you feel this Love, sweet ones, to your soul and star family and friends of the Light, to your earthly family and friends of the Light, to the star seeded ones and Lightworkers, and you connect now too, into the Group I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light, as you hold this focus of connecting to the collective Higher Light of all the awakened Lightworkers, and star seeded ones ~ you experience the radiance and magnificence of yourself through the reflection of the collective I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light, and the Cosmic Heart of All Creation.   Love, this Divine Love, sweet ones, allows you now to release all your fears, and as you experience this New Moon Solar Eclipse it amplifies, so you may release every fear you have, whether this is of others, whether this is of work, or your job, or relationships, or death and dying ~ whatever those fears are, sweet ones, they are now released, transmuted, and embraced within the Cosmic Heart of All Creation, as you now embrace all sub-personality aspects of yourselves that need this Love, that need this forgiveness, that need to feel whole and complete. And as you do this, you bring into this sacred second ray ashram and Ascension Seat, all those souls, at a Higher Light level, that you still need to shift your relationship with. And as you cut the old energy cords that say “I do not see you, I do not Love you, I do not forgive you” amplified in the copper-gold and pink-gold flames of Helios and Vesta, you let these souls know “I do see you, I do Love you, and at a soul level, I do forgive you. I see you and I appreciate you. As I Love myself and I forgive myself and I appreciate myself, I step out of all judgment of myself and others. I have compassion for I see that this has not been an easy journey for myself, or for you, or for others, and I recognize the roles that we have played ~ the pre-birth agreements and karmic contracts ~ but now I see the way forward is Love and Wisdom, and I choose to become this Being of Light, in service to Mother Earth and All her Life, and to do that I trust, I surrender, I let go, and I let God.”   And now you find yourself in the third ray ashram, Overlighted by Master Serapis Bey, and surrounded in the beautiful copper-gold and pink-gold flames of Helios and Vesta and their causal Body of Light ~ and within this sacred space, sweet ones, this Ascension Seat, this third ray of Divine Intelligence, you connect once more with the Inner Plane Ashrams, and Cities of Light, and Schools of Learning, and experience a greater level of Remembrance and Knowing, through the Christed Timelines, through the parallel timelines, in streams of consciousness. You come into a deeper sense of your own Christed Light, of your gifts, of your service work, of knowing that you have a focus, of knowing that you are an empowered, loving, and wise, Christed Being of Light. Hold this focus, sweet ones, hold this focus of truly being Divine Love, of truly being the Christed Beings of Light, leading the way in this Golden Age of Light. And now you experience the energy of the Mahatma, the cosmic Avatar of Synthesis, who brings through this beautiful pearlescent flame of Divinity, this three-fold flame of Power, Love and Wisdom, anchoring and activating this through the heart chakra, and now through each one of the chakras within the body, and as this occurs sweet ones, you find too that the physical body is starting to rejuvenate and to regenerate ~ that these old memories and false beliefs and judgments dissipate, you have longer moments of experiencing peace and serenity, of knowing that all is Divinely Perfect. And now, the Mahatma, the Cosmic Avatar of Synthesis, amplifies the energy of the Cosmic rays, bringing through this Cosmic map to the Heart of All Creation, and you have a sense of this multi-dimensional vortex, this portal of Light, that extends before you taking you into the Christed Timelines of this Golden Age of Light, into your heart’s dreaming, and into the Cosmic Heart of All Creation. The Mahatma gives you this gift now, of opening this doorway for you, sweet ones, and you step through this, this doorway, this vortex that takes you along the pathway of Divine Love; and you see before you your heart’s dreaming, and the way into the Cosmic Heart of All Creation, and you hold this focus, sweet ones, as you experience the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on May 25th; the knowing that you are the way showers, the facilitators, the leaders, and Light Workers, in this Golden Age of Light, leading all Life into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.   You come back now into your sacred space, grounding once more into the crystal heart of Mother Earth, keeping this connection open to the Company of Heaven and all the Beings of Light from On High, honoring yourselves in your magnificence and Light, as we honor you, sweet ones.   We bless you and we thank you for your service work, and with this, we bid you a most magical day.   Transcribed by Eadie Miller