This is a repost but timely for the energies right now…take the time to download this.

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The State of Ease

There is a “state of ease” that each of us can access to help release emotional turbulence and help maintain coherent alignment between our heart, mind and emotions. Learning to access our personal space of “inner-ease” can be done with minimum practice and in just a little time. When operating in an ease-mode, it’s easier to choose less stressful perceptions and attitudes and re-create “flow” in our daily routines.

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HeartMath is making a concerted effort to make this valuable, free booklet, which includes the new Inner-Ease™ Technique, available to as many people as possible. Since sending out The State of Ease, we’ve had many wonderful responses and lots of creative ideas for how to get the booklet to more people.

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The State of Ease:
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