by Georgi Stankov, August 31, 2013

Urgent Update (19.25 pm GMT): The Deconstruction of Obama and the US Government in Real Time 

No war iconMy ability to create is manifesting now almost immediately. When I wrote this article two hours ago, I said without any official confirmation, but just following my clairvoyant perception the following:

“And it goes from bad to worse: the Capit(o)al Oligophrens in the US senate are now demanding for the first time their right to execute their constitutional power and decide on any war against Syria.”

Now all of a sudden and quite surprisingly, like the coming of the crashing defeat of Cameron in parliament on Thursday, two days after I published my seven articles exposing the crimes of the USA, GB and the West against humanity, Obama has decided to ask congress for an approval to strike Syria, contrary to all his previous statements. He is about to make his speech any moment now.

But the senators are on holiday, so that they can meet first on September 9th, i.e. most probably after we have detonated the PAT Supernova and wiped ou the whole Orion matrix from the surface of this planet  Isn’t it remarkable? And please don’t tell me this is a coincidence. We have entered the time of miracles and we are already the new creator gods and earth keepers.

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