fingerofgod-contactAnother connection’s been made today, humanity’s coming together.
It’s happening more and more these days, and everything’s seems to get better.
We’re starting to remember exactly who we are, our heart’s are opening up.
Collective consciousness, healing vibes, and Love is filling our cup.

Mankind has waited so long it seems, we want to know the truth.
We’ll find our way back home you know, it’s time to leave the booth.
We’ve been riding on that three D train, our Oneness shows the sheeple,
That peace, Love, Joy, and Light, will win over all the people.

The truth will prevail, and Love we’ll embrace, we’re seeing it manifest.
We’re co-creating, a better world, and nearing the end of the test.
So here’s a toast to humanity, we’ve all come such a long way.
Our heart’s are ripe, the skies are blue, and in the Now we’ll stay.

Thanks so much for all you do and share.  We Love you, we are behind you, and best of all, we ARE you.  These new energies are challenging and liberating at the same time dearest, yet with it comes balance.  Injoy, Love and Light, Todd.