by Peter Tongue

It is neat when a series of seemingly disparate ideas suddenly fit together with a common link- in this case the glue that holds everything together- the vibration of love. We are not here talking about the romantic notion or even the emotion of love, but the actual frequency at which it vibrates. The first

  piece in the puzzle was presented by Jim Self on his superb radio show with me on February 6th. He was giving his interpretation of what happened at 12:12:12. What he had to say was of great interest and significance.

In Jim’s words, he believed that the 12:12:12 was the dissolving of the 3-D world. He’s not talking about a physical location, but a level of consciousness. His interpretation of 3-D consciousness is anything that restricts or limits us- keeps us trapped in a box. He said that the matrix that holds the 3-D world together dissolved away. Now it appears that the 3-D world still exists so what went wrong? It is our old patterns and habits that continue perpetuating that level of consciousness. As soon as we let go of anything that restricts or limits us, we step out of 3-D and into 4-D consciousness, which is living in the present moment. Letting go of past experiences and future worries, living in the present moment. Stepping up into 5-D consciousness requires a further quantum step up to what Jim calls simultaneous time. This means that when operating in 5-D consciousness we bring all relevant skills, knowledge and information from all space and time into this now moment to help us navigate through whatever we are dealing with in that moment. As this was around Valentine’s Day, I thought about the concept of love as applied to 3-D and 5-D consciousness. I realized that 3-D consciousness was aligned with conditional love and 5-D with unconditional love.

Spiritual people talk about unconditional love a lot and yet in reality nearly all love expressed on the planet is conditional, based upon some need to do something or achieve something to be loved. Even parents who love their children dearly generally do so conditionally. They have certain expectations of their children- their successes and future careers for example. This is 3-D consciousness. So what is unconditional love? It is full and complete acceptance of ourselves for who we are and what we are, exactly as we are in this now moment, and full and complete acceptance of those around us in our lives in this present moment. Not an easy thing to do. We haven’t been trained in this way. However it is important to know that any form of conditional love prevents us from accessing the fifth dimension. I strongly suggest practicing real unconditional love with those closest to you, including yourself.

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