June 9th video and audio.

Here is a link to download (or listen to) the MP3 (4:40, 0.8 MB) thanks to Kauilapele:

This message would appear to some, I am sure, to be a bit “strange”. “Well, aren’t all these ETs who are helping us ‘Loving and Sweet and Everything Neat’?” I say, “No”.
I would add in here that John Kettler has reported ET interventions and actions that could probably best be described as “Kick Ass”. So has Tolec. And I would agree here that, just like with certain wayward children, there comes a time to lay down the Tough Love, and take action.

These “cabal creatures” have been plying their agenda for thousands of years. Their time is up. They need to go. If an ass or two (or a few thousand) of these beings needs to be kicked, I say it’s time to do it.

Courtesy of http://kauilapele.wordpress.com