Stan RomanekYou should really check out this website!  This is a fascinating story about Stan Romanek’s consistent experiences with UFO encounters and abductions.  He has now written some amazing books, but check out the “equations” link on his website….truly interesting stuff!

Stan Romanek, International Bestselling Author, May be the world’s most documented extraterrestrial contactee. The multitude of unexplainable events involving Stan Romanek and hundreds of witnesses continue on a near monthly basis. The sheer volume of trace, video and photographic evidence is astounding! This ongoing mystery continues to become more complex with each twist and turn. Aside from any individual interpretations or opinions about these experiences there is much for humanity to learn on these very important matters. Stan Romanek’s case has created a stir in the scientific and UFO communities this is an amazing look in to a mind bending and real alien abduction case!