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By Doc Vega – 2 days 12 hours ago

On a recent meeting with well known researcher, Norio Hayakawa, I was pleased to have shared hours of interesting facts, stories, and evidence that sheds light on perhaps the most provocative subject known to man. The possibility that we have been visited by entities from somewhere else in the universe, or at the very least, not from earth, seems very well assured in reviewing the rich history that New Mexico has in aerial sightings, verification by qualified military observers, and the covert involvement of the US government in numerous secret programs that compel us to accept that there is an alternate reality that defies the official version of the truth!

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A new paradigm emerges

1947 marked the second year after World War II. It was a year of strange developments that left people spellbound in the wake of dramatic aerial visual experiences that indicated that not only the US, but earth was under an invasion of sorts that was difficult to determine whether benign or hostile! However, one thing was definitely for certain, whatever was happening, there were witnesses and they were willing against the ridicule of the time to come forward. Experienced aviators of the Air Force, trusted private pilots, and solid American citizens were reporting bizarre sightings that simply contradicted the accepted norm.

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