by Georgi Stankov

Posted on June 22, 2013

by Marilyn Cohen and Georgi Stankov, June 22, 2013

Dear George,

darkness with cross in skyPlease thank Bjorn for his insightful article “Dualism and Oneness..” exploring new age fear. I read it with much enjoyment as Eastern teachings factored large in preparing me for ascension. The question of how to engage light workers to become light warriors is a question of unlocking and releasing deep fear.Arjuna’s preparation for battle in the Bhagavad Gitacan be observed as a perfect metaphor of the war, waging within us in our daily 3D lives.

Light workers are still at war within themselves (their electro-magnetic fields) each day. All the mystery schools, seminars, festivals, books they spent money on created a circus. A circus is overwhelming in input and creates the opposite of focus and peace. You flit from money making technique to money making technique. It is misplaced abundance at its worst. In the end of one’s life, one is fortunate if they find one technique that delivers them to any peace, deepens any trust in the divine, or develops one from this circus.

So what will it take to wake light workers? As each light warrior knows, there is no meaningful teaching available on the planet at this time. So the teacher will be one we all know well, adversity. Until then we sadly observe the light worker’s cosmetic appearances of peace. As much as they love peace and beauty, they cannot get down to the hard work of facing basic fears and being quiet with higher self on a regular basis. It is a sad state of affairs. This constant new age circus keeps light workers ungrounded because there is always a new goodie to uncover. Life in America encourages this flight from pain and marketing of spirituality for money and away from birthright ascension, even to the last days.

We can therefore understand why this website does not resonate with light workers.  Only light warriors have faced off with their misery, pain and the war, waging within their electromagnetic fields. They have faced the ongoing wars with the dark forces and the planetary shifts about to come. As you said, these experiences take one through to the other side. The other side finally establishes a genuine rapport and trust in one’s higher self, with divine intermediaries and with Source. Yep. Stepping out of the maelstrom into the eye of the storm can look boring for those who are younger.

In Love & Light,