As mentioned yesterday, today’s energy is extremely intense.  Because it is September 11th, the day is already imprinted with emotions of the past, but the Black Moon moving into Gemini, Mercury and the Sun conjunct, and something impacting Jupiter bring perpetual motion and restlessness today.  Anything goes and anything can happen today and it will come from out of the blue.  There is a pervasive and underlying feeling of needing to move on to new ways of thinking and doing things.  New ventures undertaken today have a great deal of power to them because the momentum that is in today’s energy will “mark” and sustain them indefinitely.  This gives you an idea of the scope of what we are working with.  It’s like a rip current.  So when there’s a rip current, you swim parallel to and with the current – not against it.  The tendency is to fight energy like this because the restlessness of it makes sensitive people very uncomfortable.  It “damages our calm” so to speak.  Usually we stand outside the energy and witness, but today we are going to immerse ourselves in it and swim with its direction.  Resistance to anything that is happening will only create problems.  Tomorrow, after this energy moves on, I will discuss what the Black Moon moving into Gemini means.

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