This is wihtout a doubt the most comprehensive site on UFO shape, size, color, and details.  If you are interested in reading up on a technical overview of all the types of UFO craft out there, read on….

ufoSummary: This page covers the subjects of UFO shapes, types, colors, illumination, flight characteristics, speed, rotation, wobble, radiation, maneuvers, sounds, landing traces etc, with annotated examples of photographic cases of UFO sightings. This webpage aims to help the reader make some “technological sense” out of certain aspects of the UFO pattern (in particular sections #7, #8 and #9 covering UFO propulsion, radiation and illumination respectively). On a personal note, having spent a great deal of time researching the UFO subject, in this page I’ve attempted to include the info that I personally would like to have found, when I first started looking into UFOs in 2006. This page would have saved me a great deal of time. Some of the concepts are technical, but I’ve tried to present them in a language which nearly everyone should understand.

Some key “take-home” points: UFOs often appear self-luminous, due to the ionization of the air around certain sections (e.g. saucers often glow at the rim) or the whole UFO, i.e. the air surrounding the UFO “lights-up” much like what happens inside a neon-lamp. This luminous ionization of air around the UFO is generally only visible at night/twilight, typically described as an “aura” or “fuzzy haze” of orange/yellow color, and it is also the cause of the “wavy like heat-haze” appearance of UFOs in daylight. Shapes and sizes of UFOs, as reported by eye-witnesses, change over time: Since the mid-1970s an increasing percentage of UFO reports has been of dark/black triangles and boomerangs, some incredibly large and reported all over the world (note: triangle-shaped UFOs have been reported at least as far back as 1950s, it’s not a contemporary phenomenon). In recent years, the objects reported near the ground or landing are mostly smaller ones up to 5m (15ft) sphere / half-sphere / egg / triangle shaped, down to beachball-sized spheroid objects, in contrast to the predominance of larger objects, like the 5-10m (15-35ft) disks and ovals in previous decades. Finally, make special note of the UFO – water connection (underline it 10 times), i.e. reports of low-altitude UFOs near bodies of water (lakes, rivers etc) and the nocturnal character of most UFOs.

Based on 60 years of eyewitness reports and other data (photos, radar etc), UFO investigators have been able to arrive at several conclusions, as presented in books, papers and newsletters, summarized below:


  1. Shapes/Types: Most UFOs are symmetrical objects, typically with smooth and featureless surface (“no seams, no rivets, no weld marks”), but sometimes with “windows” (“portholes” / “vents”) emanating light and occasionally with protrusions (“fin” / “aerial” / “mast” / “extension” / “antenna”). Appearance in daylight is usually described as white or “metallic” ranging from dull gray “brushed aluminum / pewter” to “polished silver”, “chrome” to “mirror reflecting sunlight” (note: the latter is probably when brilliant plasma surrounding the UFO emits light directly or via reflection off the skin of the UFO). However some UFOs appear non-reflective matte black / charcoal grey / dark (nearly all triangles and boomerangs are reportedly dark) or glossy black (like black glass or plastic). There is a great variety of shapes, but the highly repeating ones are:
    1. diskoid / saucer in many variations
    1. flat bottomed saucer, convex on one side. Sometimes the convex side is shallow (described as a “chrome hubcap” or “upside-down saucer”) othertimes it has more depth, and the UFO looks hemi-spherical (“helmet”, “silver dome”, “bowl”) or bell-shaped. Some UFOs have a turret or dome on top, occasionally transparent “like a cockpit” (e.g. Vancouver Canada Oct-1981, Staffordshire England 1954). Examples photographic cases Trent USA 1950, Nagora Austria 1971 (12 photos, e.g. photo1photo2), Lac Chauvet, France 1952Weyauwega WI, USA 2003 etc. Sketches e.g. Langenburg SK, Canada 1974Example video case: diskoid UFO filmed above Somerset England in 1998 by Rod Dickinson (credit: “Out of the Blue” documentary)
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