The Syria Situation…

“It is extremely critical that we, as the planetary light servers of the world, DO NOT TAKE SIDES!”

Dear Family of Peace,

It is from the deepest place in my heart that I share this message, one that I feel is important to our service role as we assist in the greatest potential outcome of the Syria situation and all that is entangled around it.

First, we must know that our work, not only from this Foundation but in combination with all of the influential networks and groups around the world who have been involved in peace transmissions, has made such beneficial and positive impact.

This is in reference to the very first transmission that we did for Syria and Egypt mid August. It was at this point that far fewer people were watching and many world governments were seemingly looking the other way. Then came a very powerfully direct transmission from tens of thousands of people, first for Syria and then for Egypt.

What immediately followed was a chemical warfare attack on innocent people in Syria which now has erupted into full scale worldwide attention. The Foundation recently referred to this as a resultant “healing crisis”, a catalyzing precursor to the potential of healing of an entire era of destructive conflict. We can perceive this chemical situation as divine orchestration for this is seemingly what it has taken to quickly magnetize attention from all of the world governments and into the most severe, most conflicted and most separated issues and areas on our planet. We bow in profound gratitude to the millions of refugees and souls who have given their lives to assist the world in this way.

Not only this, but all that is happening on a macro level is being reflected in our own daily lives. Every issue, from conflicting relationships to manipulation, control, fear, domination, attaching belief systems, etc..  Even from the most subtlest levels, the swinging pendulum of “the duality of conflict” is being reflected to all of us if we look closely and pay attention to the messages. It’s a gigantic holographic outplay.

Through our recent and very strong unified group invocation for Divine Intervention, the light has responded in a big, big way. Together and from Unity Consciousness, we have quickly manifested, what feels like, a major turning point for the entire human race!

What we are dealing with are the extremes of polarity which are highly concentrated in the Middle East, and affecting every soul on Earth at some level. And now, we have a situation that has the entire world watching. From governments and military factions to peacekeeping groups and common people from every level and  walk of life, this is affecting us all one way or another. People everywhere are deciding what side they are taking.

It is extremely critical that we, as the planetary light servers of the world DO NOT TAKE SIDES! To be most effective in our calls for peace and energetic transferences, we can only carry out this service as the neutralizing pillars of light so that our bodies and entire energy hologram… all aspects of the self… can be used to transmit, transmute and transcend all of this releasing, conflicted energy. Not only this, but it is through our detached equanimity that we can more greatly assist with the processes of unity and “de-polarizing” that is currently happening within the governments, their relationships and the international diplomacy… going on right now.

Through the Universal Law of Invocation, Divine Intervention will prevail. It will be carried out in a number of seemingly miraculous ways including the use of our very bodies as the instruments of transmission. As we make ourselves available, right now, may we make certain that we hold no opinion as to what should or should not happen. May we free ourselves of any and all polarized emotional reaction.

We stand unified and strong in our knowing that the Divine Light always prevails and we ARE this light! In the name of the Divine Presence… in the name of LOVE, we call for the transforming light of peace and goodwill to stream in, through and around every governmental leader, militant commander and all related decision makers to create the highest possible outcome for the highest amount of beneficial good for all concerned.

And then, from our invincibility as a unified harmonic…  may we continue to stabilize this anchoring grid of peace while allowing the universal forces to come in and do the work. Our highest job is to emit the transforming power of unconditional love… that neutralizing force that coheres universes.

Thank you all for your dedicated, peace-building efforts in the world and continued support to this Foundation. Let’s get these messages out far and wide.

with all my love and appreciation,

tiara ojai

Tiara Kumara
Children of the Sun Foundation

PS.. I am in Peru now about ready to take another expedition group into the Amazon Jungle to engage more deeply with our peace transmissions. We will be pulsing with you from there throughout all of September.