I hadn’t planned to write anything on this day about President Obama’s hopeful (and likely) re-election and will keep it short and sweet, but before I jump in I want to be clear that I understand and respect that some fellow awakened souls do not believe in either candidates and do not beleive that Obama is of the Light. That is ok and in my book, all are respected for their viewpoints but for me personally, there is something I can feel about this man.

I’m not alone in that feeling, and I wouldn’t be discussing it if I hadn’t received numerous comments from plenty of fellow awakened souls who do believe in Obama’s Light-filled intentions, and who have told me that they feel the same Light signature when aiming thier energies or thoughts toward Obama. I and many, many others believe that this soul is of the Light and that he is here to help initiate our planet into the age of peace, harmony and prosperity that so many Lightworkers have been working so hard to acheive.

I feel very strongly that Obama is going to be re-elected on this day, and that he was always to be re-elected. It is very interesting to note that while the anti-Obama rhetoric and propaganda seemed quite strong about a year ago, as the election has now come many people seem to have re-awakened and have amped-up their support of the President. I am one who bought-in to the anti-Obama propganda for about three months, until I discovered the reality of the network of power Obama was taking on and the elite’s ability to stifle the change he wishes to bring forth which, in my opinion, will not be a problem if/when Obama is re-elected because he is now being given the momentum and support to push-ahead with the Light’s plans, despite the continual attempted suppressing of the his agendas by the usual suspects.

Like many, I feel that Obama’s re-election will signify the beginning of real change on this planet. We have heard this tenfold, and this is only one reason that I am supporting and putting my Light into the succesful re-election of the President. Won’t you as well? :)

Wes Annac – Happy to be here on this most important of days.

Wes Annac | November 6, 2012 at 11:02 am