the-thinkerI wrote: “I feel that victory is upon us, of our choosing and of our making.  That all we have striven for and yearned that would be, is…”
Paul wrote: “If it was ever created, it was created and wasn’t not created.  As such, it is forever.  The element of the fulcrum is to see the teetering megalith on a razor edge, knowing the 100-ton stone is there in balance despite 1000000000 years of earthquakes, and know it with calm for what it is, and use leverage via your focus and intent for all it’s worth, which is the universe.  There is so much that words can and cannot say, however, once again, words are, and while words are capable of a powerful – beyond-cognizance enslavement – those same words exist – and existence is, IS energy.  There are no accidents in etymology.
The audacity to be, IS it.”
What do you think?