Christina Lunden

07-arcturian-coridor-st9~Breathing – Deep breathing is even more important now. Remember to take the time to consciously breathe. The Angels recommend 3 long, slow, deep breaths, 3 times a day. Doing this will keep you in your heart more than in your mind. You have more power and control when you are in your heart.

When you raised your energy from a 3rd dimensional human into a 5th dimensional spiritual human being, doing everything spiritually first keeps you on the easy path. Remembering to take 3 long, slow, deep breaths will help you stay on that easy path.

The best method is what the Angels lovingly call the “Candy Cane” breathing. Visualizing a candy cane starting at your nose. Breathing in through the nose, going down the back of the throat, deep into the lungs then reversing it pulling out all the old and stale air from the bottom of the lungs, hooking back around the throat and breathing it out through your nose. Then doing it again. Each time going deeper into the lungs.

~Forgiveness – This clears your hearts to be able to channel more light through your soul. Working from the power of all of your hearts: your physical & emotional heart, the Heart Chakra, the High Heart Chakra and your Sacred Heart is the key to utilizing core power. Your core is your only connection to the 5th Dimensional energy.

When we listen on this high level, we don’t do it emotional or physically. We listen within to hear higher thoughts.

Having a clear heart, will help all of your relationships to get better. This allows people to love you more clearly. And of course, you will be loving yourself more too.

And don’t forget to forgive yourself! Forgiveness of self is a necessity for living a life on the highest and easiest path!

~Connecting spiritually ourselves, not through other beings. This means even getting answers or help through Archangels, Guides or any being that is Channeled. Connecting to your Angels is okay because that is a higher aspect of your soul. The only exception is through Jesus Christ because even though He was a man, He is God too. If someone tells you that there is an Angel incarnated here on Earth as a man or woman, run away. If someone tells you that Jesus Christ is walking on Earth, run away! Your ascension depends on it as neither of these things will be true.

Of course you will be using all of the spiritual tools you have learned for the higher energy as well. It is quite an achievement to be 5th dimensional while still walking on a 3rd dimensional Earth so go easy on yourself. There is no quick fix for this. Walk in truth and focus on The Light and your soul will guide you to all that you need.

It is an honor to walk beside you during this amazing time!