From my very good friend Reiki Doc….a good laugh along with an inspirational message.-A.M.

Monday, October 14, 2013

You see a big pile of clean clothes in the clothes basket. You know what to do…


Your mother taught you, after we clean the clothes and linens, we need to fold them.


Perhaps it was your dad that showed you how the laundry gets done?


Either way, your energy is needed for this simple task to get the clothes and linens ready for them to be put to use in an organized way. In your youth, perhaps, you ‘broke the rules’ enough to leave them in a pile, but didn’t you stop once you started to notice you were walking around in wrinkles?


This fresh, clean energy is something I want you to remember–the fresh, clean, warmth of laundry that is fresh from the dryer…


Or airy, bright, and freshly dried in the sunshine on the clothes line.


Gaia is getting clean with The Event.


And she is happy to have all of the dirty, moldy, smelly politics and finance out of her being forever.


Some of you Lightworkers will want to help her so much you are willing to iron what Gaia needs to have ironed! But that is extra, and not necessary for the soul who incarnates on Her at this Time.


You know what to do, and this is why you were sent here. To ease Gaia and her struggles and her people after the ‘laundry’ gets finished and the timer ‘rings’ (The Event).


This is what you came here to do. You know it in your soul want to assist Gaia.


With your own special gifts, which your Inner Guidance, Intuition, and Heart Center already are beginning to ‘nudge’ you as to what they are…(remember, there is no need to get your train ticket until the last minute when it is time to board the train! there is a REASON you might not have been ‘aware’ of it until now. This was to keep it SAFE from being squandered or attacked.)


You will play a part in bringing Order, Love, Light, Friendship, and Fun to our world! And it will be as straightforward as…Folding The Laundry!


Everyone is doing their part!
Thank you, and Welcome to The Event Preparations–be on the lookout for Inner Guidance to start ‘calling’ to you. Make plenty of time doing things you enjoy that are quiet, or meditating, or other ways you know to ‘connect’ to Source.
You can always ‘double-check’ and ask for ‘signs’ to make sure you understand what is being asked of you. If it feels energized and you are enthusiastic about it, that’s always a good sign you are on the right track too.
Who would of thought I would turn into a blogger who writes at four in the morning? Not me! I hit the snooze button! But my role has been to be a way-shower, and to help with the awakening of all of you.
I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do next! It’s going to be fascinating! Amazing! Awesome!
And Light.
We are bringing the Vibration of Heaven to Earth–full of Peace, Light, Love, Joy, Truth, Abundance and Prosperity. We are bringing this together. Me and You.
Aloha and Mahalos,
Reiki Doc
P.S. Nobody KNOWS exactly when The Event will take place, the global simultaneous financial reset that will be triggered by a huge flash of Light from the pulse of the Galactic Central Sun. It will be totally obvious to all when it happens. The window of opportunity is ‘open’ between this time and December 25, 2013. After that, we do not know when the next ‘window’ will open. You are asked to ‘mentally think things through’ and ‘connect with your Inner Knowing and Intuition’ at this time. Be in a constant state of readiness. <3 Thank you.