By William Henry

April 23, 2013


On my way home from LA after recording new ANCIENT ALIENS interviews, I had a chance to catch up on the ultra secret, taxpayer funded Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency’s (DARPA’s) public admission that the U.S. Government’s quest for a warp drive ala Star Trek is real. Seems traveling faster than the speed of light may come faster than we realize.

This is mind blowing. Keep in mind that if you were born only 150 years earlier, you could be in a hide-covered wagon on the Oregon Trail, out of food and clean water, and slowly dying of typhoid fever.

By crafting a warp device the Department of Defense seeks not only to maintain the superiority of the U.S. military (DARPA’s mission), but to take the next human peacefully over da fence keeping us (the last of the previous humans) solar-system bound.

What this means is that we will soon have the ability to open wormholes and sail the stars – something I have advocated ancient aliens had figured out how to do long ago.

Children born today could travel the stars likkedy split. Instead of taking 75,000 years to get to Alpha Centauri, the star system nearest to our own, warp-equipped astronauts could make the trip in two weeks.

Warping into space would incomprehensibly redefine the way all (not just the privileged) humans live.

A warp drive would be a Judgment Day Device for the existing world order; the last invention of present humanity and the first of the next human.

It could be OUR legacy.

Meet the man spearheading this effort, Harold “Sonny” White. He runs an advanced NASA propulsion lab called Eagleworks at Johnson Space Center in Houston. He’s part of the DARPA funded 100 Year Starship Program that seeks to bring warp drive capability to humanity making us an interstellar civilization.

White was recently profiled by

I was intrigued by the overtly messianic light in which they presented him, warping him into a three-headed human.

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