My experience today with the worldwide meditation:

I continued to see a vortex of white spinning light extracting density from the astral and etheric realms.

I saw a few of the politicians and Cabal step forward towards The Light.  The rest had scattered significantly across the world and had gone into hiding.  They felt that being scattered would strengthen their cause and resilience to this “war with The Light” as they saw it.  I worked with The Positive Light Forces in locating a large group on the eastern coast of southern South America where they were arrested.  While they were being captured, they began to convert to their original form, screaming in a high-pitched sound, fighting as a large reptile would do, with their tails swagging and swishing from side to side.  I saw them taken immediately off planet where some were taken for rehabilitation and others were sent back to Father Mother God.

meditateI saw myself proclaiming loudly and forcefully that humanity was walking in unity with all plants, animals, trees, rocks, soils, insects, etc and that we would once again be in Oneness with all Creation.  This would immediately cause us to live in more harmony, compassion, and love with life.

I then finished the extraction from the etheric and astral planes and as I closed the meditation, I realized that this reality was like that when one turns off the light sabers used in Star Wars.  This reality as we know it is coming to that last point of life in order for another to Light up and be born.

I then called in The Guardian Alliance and spoke with them about how we could improve protection for Cobra and Isis.  I requested a team of 12 Guardians instead of 4.  They agreed, saying that due to his request for help and the attention he receives from so many, it was necessary.  We placed the 12 Guardians around Cobra and Isis, they standing in the formation of a 12-pointed star, with each of them in the center.  (The Sacred Geometry of 12 around 1 contributes to its ability to radiate a programmed intent outward.)  I also saw the toroidal fields flowing around each of their bodies and flowing through their hearts.  Now, these 12 Guardians began to create a force field beyond the original 12-pointed star of 27 feet.  This zone was clear of all interference.  Interestingly enough, we also decided to apply a vortex-like field at the perimeter of this protective “region” so that all dark entities that come within Cobra’s 27-foot field are pulled into various vortices and spewed back to The Galactic Central Sun.  Ultimately, this will be sent back to Father Mother God to be used as a more positive productive energy.  I saw Cobra acting much like the flame in which the moth is drawn to. It is done.