Tolec of the Andromeda Council Interview on May 17th
Tolec, Friday evening, May 17th, 2013, with Chris & Sheree of Truth Frequency Radio at:
Tolec from Dakote always provides fascinating interviews and updates on our current situation on the surface. I’m looking forward to this 2 hours with him.
English: Collage of Lakota people from various...Migration Story of the Dakote Oyate
To learn the migration story of the Dakote people to planet Earth from the Taygeta star system in the Pleiades, the Seven Sisters, their place of origin… the story of the Wicahpi Oyate… Tunkasilas… Wicahpi Hukas…  the people who became the Dakota, Lakota, Nakota & many other Native People of Grandmother & Turtle Island, please go to:
A free written transcript available for download can be found in – “Written News Reports & Interview Transcripts” on the upper left hand side of the Archived Interviews page of this web site.
Wakan Wochekiye – for all of the Dakota, Lakota and other indigenous people who’s hearts I hope this will touch, please watch & listen to: ”Wakan Wochekiye  A Sacred Prayer”  at this YouTube link:

Mitakuye Oyasin.   Kodas / Kolas.   All My Relations.  We Are All Related.  We are All One.  Wodakote / Wodakota / Wolakota, “peace”,  misukalas ki  & mitaksis ki.