Announcement:  12.04.12.

During the month of December 2012 –

Tolec of the Andromeda Council will be involved in international, non-English speaking, interviews around the globe… with open minded, evolving, consciousness raising, international interviewers around the world… whose radio interview programs at the core of their mission… is to help to enlighten the people of Earth… as to the growing awakening, consciousness, evolution, and continual changes happening to this planet & its people; and the likely near term future transformation of this beautiful planet into becoming an even more beautiful higher dimensional world.

So far, the countries that have radio interview programs who have committed to doing these interviews, in the native language of each country, [Tolec will have a foreign language translator for each interview to translate his answers – back into the native language or each country]  are the following:

Belgium [&/or possibly France]
Netherlands (Holland)

As soon as the date of each international interview program is scheduled & locked into place, you will find the:  name of country, name of the radio interview program, location/web address of each  interview program, and the cablecast production date – located & listed on this web page.

In closing for now, I am open to considering adding more international, non-English speaking countries to this list.

Should the person reading this page be the host of a non-English speakinginternational radio interview show – and you would like Tolec to be a guest on your show – please contact me at my: TolecfromDakote YouTube channel address, using your YouTube account – “send message” button.  Thank you.

Please note:  the three (3) days which will be locked out, on which there will be no international interviews due to the traditional Christmas holiday observed all around the world, will be:

December 24, 25, 26,  2012.